socialthing 停止服務

今天登入 socialthing 看到上方的停止開發公告:

Discontinuing Support

Hey everyone, I come to you with both sad and exciting news. Unfortunately because we're so busy on new and cool things, we've had to stop supporting the current version (the one you're logged into). Soon, we'll be stopping new users from being added as well.

Rest assured, we'll keep this site up until there's a comparable offering.

You can read about the good news here.

Thanks for your continued support!


從 AOL 併購 Bebo 及 socialthing 之後,就一直在整合工作上進行。
看到 socialthing 之後可能的走向會是「Socialthing for Websites」,類似 Facebook 下方的 toolbar。今天正好在跟別的團隊談 Web2.0 的整合,想法跟這個有點類似。

Social Network 的要你命三千大整合還是很多人想做的,但是我想在這一戰裡面沒有一個人是絕對的贏家。畢竟加入商業的考量之後,會發現 Web2.0 的商機其實並沒有想像中那麼大--儘管他的點擊率相當相當的高,但是客群的掌握卻很難相當精準。假如要以廣告為主要收入的話,會有一定程度的困難。


原本我還滿喜歡 socialthing 的,要是併入 AOL 系統之後自由度不高,那就真的相當可惜了。希望他之後可以保持高自由度,而不是綁 AOL 的服務綁一大堆...Orz

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